Everything Has A Price


May 05, 2021

Everything has a price, a sentence you hear a lot nowadays. But how does this apply to your life? In this article, I will give you my take on it.

I talk a lot about the power of being consistent to able to build skills, build a happy life, etc. This is what I call making investments because you invest in something. Paying the price can be two things: either you do something too much or don’t do anything. Let me explain

Doing Too Much

It sounds crazy. Doing too much if you want to reach a goal, learn a skill, or start a business. The more work you do, the faster I reach my goal. That may be true, but at what price does it come? Did you invest in your relationships? Did you invest in your health? Probably not, and the results of the things you neglected will, in the long term, be the price you pay for doing too much. For example:

  • You went to bed too late and woke up early, and your energy levels are consistently low
  • You ignored your partner. You lost the connection
  • To save time, you ordered take away daily gained a lot of weight
  • You ignored the things you like and lost touch with them

I can continue with this list for a while. But the main point here is to be aware of what you lose when you give something too much priority.

Doing Nothing At All.

You might already guess where I’m going with this one. When doing nothing at all, you can’t expect any results. Check this article: The goose that laid golden eggs where I go deeper into this concept.

But also eventually there is a price you will pay for doing that.

  • Neglect your health and pay the price of being unhealthy.
  • Neglect on learning a skill, and you will pay the price of not taking care of yourself or your family.
  • Neglect a relationship and pay the price of a lost connection
  • Neglect to take care of your mind and pay the price of being unrestful
  • Neglect to take care of your mindset and pay the price of not being resilient when something terrible happens to you

The Solution

There are several things you should prioritize and are the same for everyone:

  • Connections and relationships
  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Mindset

Always build a life around these pillars, you will build it consistently, and it will fit around the primal needs of your life. When this is in balance, you will get close to yourself and the things you love and find meaningful. Another side effect of this is that you will be hyper-consistent and productive. You will find time slots between these pillars and make the best use of them as possible.

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