So I Quit Coffee for Two Months and Here's What Happened


October 24, 2022

Let me tell you how I got the idea.

I have this fancy coffee machine where I can select a different kinds of beans. And I like a cup of coffee. So when it’s after lunch, I switch to decaf.

The next morning started with a cup of coffee. I was working and feeling really bad. Headache, a foggy feeling, and was grumpy, and it got to a point that I was going to call in sick. And then it hit me; I forgot to switch the coffee machine to normal mode.

Michael Awad

I'm fascinated by the power of a strong mindset. I combine this with being a web developer, which keeps me motivated. But how, you may ask? That's what I share on this website. For more information about me personally, check out the about me page: About Me

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