What is the MVP mindset, and how can you apply it to different aspects of life?


April 18, 2021

MVP is a term used within Agile SCRUM; it means minimal viable product. It means you deliver a very minimal version of the product, with a limited amount of effort invested. A requirement is that it is a product that an actual customer can use. This way, you can test what the users want with relatively small effort, and you have a base product you can expand. So how can you apply this to your life?

We tend to think about limitations, in this case, the limitation that things have to be complete and perfect before we start. We are not allowing ourselves the chance to learn. What if you start thinking in MVP terms? You publish your article that isn’t perfect yet but complete or publish that podcast you recorded that is not perferctly produced.

When you get into the MVP mindset and break down that invisible wall of wanting everything to be complete and perfect, the sky becomes the limit. You won’t be scared anymore to put yourself out there. Because you know you will improve it over time by means of the feedback you get and build upon it with small consistent actions. This is also how you get rid of imposter syndrome. Read more about that in this article: Imposter syndrome stop being an imposter

How can you apply this to relationships?

When we want to call someone, we want to have the perfect subject, the perfect conversation. When you apply the MVP mindset, you pick up the phone and, for example, ask how everything is going and how their day was. The subject is minimal, but everything you need for a good conversation. Again this way, you break down an invisible wall for yourself that it needs to be perfect; it doesn’t have to be! Next time you feel a lot less resistance picking up that phone.


Getting into an MVP mindset will help you breaking down an invisible wall, reducing the resistance to taking action and executing. If you want to achieve your goals, this is essential; you take small and consistent action every day. The less resistance, the easier it gets.

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