Why you should start writing articles about the things you love


April 01, 2021

Nowadays, you see a lot of people starting blogs, myself included. How can you stay motivated and keep going? In this article, I explain why you should write articles about things you love and how to stay motivated. I will also share what you should prevent.

What should not be your motivation

If you write an article to be visible, you worry about what people want to read. These motivations are external, and therefore the simple fact remains that you will never control those. This kind of pressure is not maintainable and will drain your energy and motivation, which eventually will lead to a lack of consistency or quitting. It is very reactive, and you will be afraid to show your weaknesses. Thus you will never will be able to grow in that regard.

What should your motivations be to write articles?

Suppose you look at it from another perspective. Write an article not with the end goal of being visible but an end goal to learn something. If someone else reads it, just one person, it is a nice side effect. This way, you not only take control but also take advantage of a huge learning opportunity.

Another great side effect is that you come across as genuine and human because you also make mistakes. You will write close to your heart, so you are probably very specific, which will eventually attract the most valuable audience.

Using Stoic principles while writing

A concept also used by Stoics, pretend like someone is watching you while you do important things. Just the thought that someone other than you might read the article will force you to investigate everything you write down, resulting in learning more about the subject.


For me, it’s the ultimate learning tool. When I want to learn more about a subject, I write an article about it; if someone reads it, awesome! If not, no problem, I learned from writing it!

This is the podcast I recorded about this subject

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