I completed Andy Frisella's 75 hard challenge phase 1


February 03, 2021

Last summer, I completed the regular 75hard program. Which was a great experience for me. It put me in a flow state where I just kept executing. I didn’t feel the need for the next phase until the holiday season, I noticed I wasn’t as productive as earlier. So I decided to start phase 1 of the 75hard program.

What is 75 hard?

If you want to read my full experience of 75hard, have a look at this article where I shared my experience extensively:

It is part of the live hard program, which Is a year-long program that consists of:

  • 75hard challenge
  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3

For now, a short recap on 75hard

The rules are simple, and they apply daily for 75 days:

  • Workout 45 minutes a day twice; one of those has to be outside. This can be whatever you want to train or consider working out
  • Drink 1 gallon of water
  • Read 10 pages of a nonfiction/selfhelp book. Audiobooks don’t count
  • Make a progress picture every day, which is for yourself. You don’t have to share it
  • Pick a diet and stick to it; zero cheats are allowed.
  • No alcohol

The day ends when you go to sleep.

IMPORTANT If one of these rules are not met, you start again from day one, no matter how little the mistake and how far your progress is. When you forget your progress picture on day 73 or go to bed, fail to read on day 71. Be very strict with these rules!

75 hard challenge

So what is added in phase 1?

  • 5 mins cold shower
  • 8 critical power list tasks
  • 10 mins dedicated visualization

What is, in my opinion, the main goal of #75hard phase 1

Phase 1 requires way more time of you and puts you under more stress and resistance. This will prevent you from getting into a nice feeling flow state like 75hard. This taught me that even when you feel bad, you can execute and move forward. You decouple your feelings from actions, which to me is really powerful.

What did I gain

I became hyper-productive with the three additional power list tasks. Read more about the power list in this article: My six takeaways from Andy Frisella’s power list. Besides that, I took on way bigger responsibilities than before on a personal and professional level, without any hesitation. These are things that if you asked me a year ago, I wouldn’t even dare. For example, starting coaching people and recording a podcast. My mind got really clear, which allowed me to see the next steps and goals I want to reach.

This is the podcast I recorded with regards to 75hard phase 1

My experience

Like in my article on 75hard, Read more about my experiences with 75 hard in this article: I completed Andy Frisella’s #75hard challenge. I will share my choices and experiences.

Books I’ve read

  • How to think like a Roman emperor
  • The boy crisis


Cold shower

Started first with warm to cold to get used to it and started colder and colder. Eventually, I put on cold from the start. This morning I tried a warm shower. I was so dissatisfied I took another shower right away and put it to cold. I love it now and prefer it over a warm shower. This ties great into my article of choosing the path of most resistance: Be like Hercules and take the path of most resistance.


I chose Intermittent fasting with daily 18 hours fast.


It really feels like a next step, and the same goes for the responsibilities you dare to take; it’s amazing to see that goes hand in hand. 75 hard made me start this blog and putting it out there; phase 1 started me getting into coaching and podcasting. I am ready for phase 2!

The fee

In Andy Frisella’s podcast: REALAF, he always talks about paying the fee. Since the show and all of his concepts are free of charge, the fee is as follows:

If you enjoyed the content, if it made you think. Spread the word and share it!

So this is me paying the fee:

Andy Frisella

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