Use emotional triggers to grow


February 18, 2021

You can use emotional triggers to make yourself grow. How? You can find it in your response to things people say to you or hear or see on television. It brings up a certain emotion. Let’s see how we can use this to experience growth.

How can you recognize the emotional trigger?

When you feel you have to give back an emotional response to something, someone said. You feel you have to project that emotion back on that person. This is where the process starts.

How to process this?

STOP and take the path of most resistance. This ties great into my article of choosing the path of most resistance: Be like Hercules and take the path of most resistance. Face the emotion and feel what kind of emotion you are dealing with. For example:

  • Loneliness
  • Anger
  • Sadness

This is the basis of unprocessed trauma. When you recognize it, you can dig into the past and ask yourself the question: What causes this emotion? You know already; maybe you don’t. Maybe you need to face someone to get closure.


This is just the beginning of the process. You must give this process time. You might tear up wounds from the past, which can be very intense and emotional. It is very hard to face your demons from the past, so don’t hesitate to get professional help.

Podcast recorded about this subject

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