How restrictions give you freedom


January 29, 2021

Sounds like a paradox, giving yourself more restrictions but experience freedom out of that. It can give you even more than that; purpose, direction. Let me explain

Enable yourself to play the game

Imagine a big empty field. What will you do on that field? Maybe walk for a bit? Take a run or lay down. Nothing exciting, really.

Now imagine drawing some lines, place some goals and a ball. Now on that same field, you have a soccer field where you can play soccer.

And what happens on a soccer field? Games are played, and no soccer game is alike.

restrictions give you freedom

Create freedom in your life

Those lines on the field resemble restrictions you can apply to your life. There are several restrictions you can hold yourself to, and you can group them into the following:



  • Restrict yourself from relaxing on the couch by training
  • Restrict yourself from eating snacks and eat healthily
  • Restrict yourself from having late Netflix sessions and coffee and get quality sleep


  • For these restrictions, you feel the freedom of feeling fit, focused. You have the freedom of playing with your kids, for example, without getting tired.



  • Do something you dislike, for example, take a cold shower. Take the path of most resistance like in this article: Read more here about why it is important to take the path of most resistance: The path of most resistance.
  • Don’t give yourself rewards and resist that


  • The freedom you get from this is self-control; you are not a slave to your negative voice



  • Like the lines on the soccer field, you fill your agenda with must-haves.


  • The freedom you got from this is a sense of time, making you spend your time more efficiently and purposely.


To me, restrictions equal the path of most resistance, which leads to fulfillment. It also resembles control; you control what happens in your life.

Remember: You set the boundaries and rules, and to have control equals freedom!

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