How to get into a constant self improvement cycle


January 23, 2021

In this article, I want to talk to you about self improvement when you are in the enlightenment stage. What do I mean by enlightenment? I mean the stage where you get after completing your goals. You are steady with completing your to-do’s; keep hitting your goals. What happens? You uncover more problems, they get visible. I compare it to washing your face in the evening where you put that bright light. You see everything, the bumps, the dirt. Hence Enlightenment in the literal sense.


What now?

You have reached that stage where you found new problems; you beat your inner voice. The short answer is, you do it again. You repeat the cycle.

What happens when you don’t act? Not seeing those problems or ignoring them? You rob yourself of the opportunity to take control. The problems will get so bad that at one point, it will hit you in the face when you expect it the least, meaning you don’t have control.

The opposite is true when you face the problem, YOU take control; YOU choose to face it. You choose the path of most resistance! Like Hercules: Read more here about why it is important to take the path of most resistance: The path of most resistance..

Constant self improvement cycle

When you face your problems, you will keep uncovering new ones. You will resolve those problems, and you will find new ones again. You keep on improving and improving every time you solve a problem, you become a better person.

Also, this is just the way life is; it will throw shit at you, new problems to solve. It’s a constant process you have to trust, As I mentioned in this article: The secret to success.


Don’t be disappointed to find new problems when you achieve your goals. Don’t get arrogant and ignore them.

Podcast about this subject

**Face those problems, take control of your life, become a better person and take that path of most resistance and trust the process!**

Michael Awad

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