How to use your brain


November 17, 2020

The brain is the most powerful tool we are gifted with. It is the command center of our body and our souls. Still to this day, with all technology available to us we are not able to comprehend it. Lucky for us it is not hard to use and is this article I will explain how I use mine


Use the capability of your brain to grow

When we do nothing with our brain, for example scrolling on social media or watching some silly show on Netflix it remains idle.

But as soon as you start a new skill your brain activates. As soon as you start this you feel the hunger of your brain, almost begging you to give it more.

We know that at a certain age your brain does not grow physically anymore, this does not mean that there is no room for utilizing the existing capacity as I mention in this article: The 40% rule by David Goggins.

So a good place to start is to follow an online course, start learning a new skill. If this is too much to start with, just start with reading, 10 pages every day will do the trick

Utilizing your brain’s potential

It is nice to grow the capacity of your brain. But how are you going to utilize that capacity? I talk about the Deepwork method by Cal Newport and I quote the concrete steps from that article.

  • Step 0: Decide what you are going to work on.
  • Step 1: Remove all distractions from the room, including your phone and turn the notifications from your laptop off.
  • Step 2: Set a timer for 30 minutes
  • Step 3: Take a 15 min break. But in that 15min break allow yourself to be bored, have a small walk outside, stare out of the window anything > boring will do. Really important! No checking phones, e-mails whatsoever!
  • Step 4: Rinse and repeat these steps and try to increase the timer.

If you want to read it in more detail check it out here:Increase productivity by being bored

When you follow these steps you move from a shallow work state to a deep work state. This deep work state gives your brain time to grow on the subject matter you are working on and develop deeper understandings. The quality and quantity of deep work will be much higher and you will feel fulfilled since your brain used its capacity.

Repeating the above process is very hard on the brain, so make sure you are engaged in daily physical activity to promote brain activity and endurance. You can start by scheduling a daily walk.

During my lunch break, I engage in intense physical activity, this kettlebell routine to be precise: Intense kettlebell workout. After this workout, I feel reborn and I am ready to take on the second half of my workday.

Control your brain

As I mentioned before the brain is one of the most powerful tools that is gifted to you. So how can we control this power? Like I mentioned in this article: Callus the mind by David Goggins, your mind sabotages you. It will always look for the easiest way out.

In other words, it controls you into taking the path of least resistance. In the article I wrote about taking the path of most resistance you will find the following quote:

“Nothing that is really good and admirable”, is granted by the gods to men without some effort and application.”

The path of most resistance is the way to gain control over your brain and beat that sabotaging voice. Start doing things that your mind doesn’t like. The things that your mind sabotages most is where your greatest gains are.

This is hard, so start with those small things I also mention in this article: Be like Hercules and take the path of most resistance.

You will get used to talking back to that voice. This is what I mean by taking control of your brain, you are not controlled by resistance but can make your own choices


I told you how I use my brain and how I try to utilize its full potential. I provided you with tips to put this into practice. So what are you waiting for? start using your brain!


Michael Awad

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